Applications Closing Soon!

If you fit the following criteria, then we're looking for you to join our winter acceleration program in August of 2017. 

  • You're a migrant or a refugee
  • You're a risk-taker. A do-er. Someone who likes to get things done.
  • Ready to bring your idea to life.

Apply for our program to: 

  • Get advice from entrepreneurs who have started companies valued at over $300M.
  • Get access to finance for your business, including venture capital, grants and loans. 
  • Connect with a community of like minds.

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. Place of Birth - We work exclusively with Refugees and Migrants.

  2. Skilled - Our focus is on people who have been through university, and preferably have experience in the domain in which they were trained.

  3. NSW Resident - Since we are based in Parramatta, 2/96 Phillip Street, for the duration of the program we require participants to have regular access to our office -  as the program will be based from there.

  4. Idea/Early stage - Your business should be at the idea/early stage because our program will be tailored to people who are just starting their business. 


  • Make-a-thon: Saturday 26th August - Sunday 27th August (2 days)

  • Take-off stage: Monday 28th August - Friday 22th September (1 month)

  • Accelerator Program: Wednesday 27th September - Friday 15th December (11 weeks)

  • Catalysr Showcase Night: Wednesday 20th December


Catalysr Program

If you have met or will meet all of the eligibility criteria, you can be a part of the Catalysr program!

Our 4-month program is designed to help take your ideas and turn them into a reality. 

The program comprises of the following: 

  1. Make-a-thon (2 days) - We invite all eligible applicants to attend a Make-a-thon. Our entrepreneurs are inspired by hearing successful entrepreneurs talk about their journeys of the entrepreneurial roller-coaster ride and also work under pressure to develop their ideas to get selected for the Take-off stage. 
  2. Take-off Stage (4 weeks) - During the Take-Off stage, our focus is on Entrepreneurship Education, Idea development, Testing and Feasibility: “Entrepreneurship lite”. Participants are exposed to the startup methodologies, get light-touch (1 day a week) support through Weekly Mentoring with our Entrepreneur-in-Residence.
  3. Acceleration Stage (3 months) - In the Accelerator program, we will kick off with an intensive 4 day bootcamp. The weekly mentoring sessions will continue, and we build other modules on top to give a holistic experiential learning experience to our entrepreneurs with an extensive support. 

Other inclusions

  • Co-working space full-time
  • Team and community building activities
  • Pro-bono legal and accounting support
  • Strategic Mentoring on a needs basis from a large and diverse pool of mentors
  • Access to Funding Pathways through our partners


if you have any questions please send an email to