Catalysr is here to provide a way for migrants and refugees to overcome the barriers they face - creating a better future for themselves and future generations. 

By 2027, Catalysr aims to create over 10,000 full time jobs through migrant-led businesses. 

Catalysr is focused on creating a better Australia for all. In the course of our work, we promise:

  • To create jobs and income for individuals 
    • Contribute to GDP 
    • Add to the tax base 
    • Less dependence on welfare 
  • To better integrate migrants and refugees into the community 
    • To drive innovation and entrepreneurship

    How we will achieve these results 

    Our program is run by Catalysr Foundation - a not-for-profit organisation, where we aim to provide our program to as many individuals as possible.

    In order to provide this program, we have created a pay-it-forward scheme for participants. 

    1. There is no initial cost to join the program 
    2. Participants will pay back their costs only when there business begins trading and they receive an income of A$50,000 per year.
    3. Once this is reached, Catalysr Foundation will receive 5% of the businesses' revenue upto A$50,000 (total cap) to put back into the program to help fund future participants 

    Our aim is to utilise this model to achieve self-sustainability within 5 years.