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Eligibility Criteria

  1. Place of Birth - We work exclusively with Refugees and Migrants.

  2. Underemployed - Our focus is on people who are unemployed or underemployed, that is, not working in their industry of training and taking part in low-skilled work. Example: You are an Engineer but are forced to drive an Uber because you don't have local experience for an Engineering Job. 

  3. NSW Resident - Since we are based in Parramatta, 2/96 Phillip Street, for the duration of the program we require participants to have regular access to our office -  as the program will be based from there.

  4. Idea/Early stage - Your business should be at the idea/early stage because our program will be tailored to people who are just starting their business. 

Catalysr Program

If you have met or will meet all of the elibility criteria, you can be a part of the Catalysr program!

Our 4-month program is designed to help take your ideas and turn them into a reality. 

The program comprises of the following: 

  1. Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (2 days) - We invite all eligible applicants to attend a bootcamp. Our entrepreneurs are inspired by hearing real entrepreneurs talk about their journeys of the entrepreneurial roller-coaster ride. 
  2. Take-off Stage (4 weeks) - During the Take-Off stage, our focus is on Entrepreneurship Education, Idea development, Testing and Feasibility: “Entrepreneurship lite”. Participants are exposed to the startup methodologies, get light-touch (1 day a week) support through Weekly Mentoring with our Entrepreneur-in-Residence.
  3. Acceleration Stage (3 months) - In the Accelerator program the weekly mentoring sessions remain, and we build other modules on top to give a holistic experiential learning experience to our entrepreneurs with an extensive support. 
  • Co-working space full-time
  • Team and community building activities
  • Pro-bono legal and accounting support
  • Strategic Mentoring on a needs basis from a large and diverse pool of mentors
  • Access to Funding Pathways through our partners

The Accelerator Program will provide you with the resources and network to launch your business in the Australian Market. Throughout, we help facilitate networking opportunities with the community, outsource to provide your business with financial and legal services, as well as offering different pathways to funding.